Your Servers in the Cloud

Virtual Servers, Co-location, and Data Center Options

Data Center Co-location

We have our own data center to solve your problems with storing or hosting your infrastructure, workloads, and critical business applications. No need to worry about maintenance, space, or site security, and will have full remote access to your data and applications. Our co-location solutions will ensure that your most valuable digital resources are handled with care.

Virtual Servers

Move business workloads to our Cloud infrastructure to avoid the time and expense of purchasing and maintaining independent servers. We offer on-demand service, allowing elastic usage for temporary needs, (such as high-traffic times on your website or complex computing operations) in addition to dedicated servers for more permanent needs (like hosting sites or storing data).

Azure Hosting

We are experienced in transforming existing business workloads to a more flexible Cloud-based system, taking advantage of existing platforms like Rackspace, Azure, and Amazon EC2 or S3 for optimal results. We can also create your own private Cloud, leveraging infrastructure like Hyper-V 2012, Systems Center 2012, Openstack, and VMWare.

Azure is a popular option with Microsoft-focused organizations. Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive solution for organizations moving to the cloud and need scalability.

As with any IT decision, we will analyze your situation to determine the pros and cons, and the cost/benefit of using cloud infrastructure services. If leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure is right choice for you, we can work on the migration and implementation of the services for you and provide ongoing support thereafter.

Contact Us to learn more about Azure and if it makes sense for your business.

Azure Benefits

Some benefits of using Azure include:

  • Faster time to market because you don’t have to worry about underlying IT infrastructure, you build your applications on existing technology.
  • Reduce costs by paying for only those services/infrastructure you require. This reduces upfront costs to setup new infrastructure.
  • Increase the scalability of your business applications as your business and the number of users of your applications grows
  • Easily add computing and data storage capacity so performance of your applications is always smooth
  • If you have lots of data and/or computing processing requirements, leverage their massive data centers
  • Utilize cloud infrastructure to support backup and disaster recovery activities
  • Create geographic redundancy for business applications by replicating the apps and data across data centers around the globe to optimize performance for users wherever they are working