Network and PC Configuration

Windows and Apple desktops, laptops and tablets

Whether your office uses Windows or Apple computers, invariably your staff are doing some office functions on their phone or tablets (like checking email or showing off your company website). And then there’s configuration and maintaining the variety of printers each office typically has. We can provide a consistent level of service and support for all your users, regardless of the hardware they are using.


We offer advice and problem-solving services around the clock, or on any schedule you choose

Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor your entire network, ensuring it’s well-tuned, efficient, and hassle-free


We provide guidance to your users through remote sessions or on-site, one-on-one, or group instruction.

Deployment & Support

We can tailor a wide range of technology to fit your specific needs, from formulating strategy, to migrating legacy systems migration, to sourcing hardware, maintenance or support.

Smartphones & Tablets

These devices need to Integrate with existing and planned office technologies and procedures, wether they are office-supplied, or staff devices.


We keep your network and data safe with fully-deployed security solutions, including firewall management, VPNs, virus-detection, and intrusion detection monitoring.

Software / Hardware Updates

To keep your network security at the highest level, we handle all of your antivirus, backups, firewall management, and spam control, including:

  • Installing anti-virus software and firewalls
  • Installing around the clock remote monitoring solutions
  • Keeping all software and business applications updated
  • Identifying and tracking equipment and technologies throughout their life cycle
  • Teaching your staff best practices to avoid exposing you to security issues

Hardware Scope

We service hardware problems for Windows and Apple on both desktops and laptops, including:

  • Power Problems (Battery and AC/DC Issues)‌Screen/Display problems (graphics cards, etc.)
  • Hard Drive Failures (data loss and file corruption)
  • Keyboards, hinges, and various other parts repair/replacement
  • Laptop software problems, including:
    • Slow/old operating system performance
    • Errors, viruses, pop-ups, and malware