Disaster Planning & Recovery

Are you READY for fire, flood, computer failure, or worse?

It is important for the businesses to make their valuable data and information invulnerable from outside as well as inside threats. But in case of disaster, recovery remains only solution that can bring everything on a track. That provides innovative and technically superior disaster recovery services to rescue your business in the event of a disaster by protecting your confidential data, applications and systems from being lost with business continuity and data recovery strategies.

Our integrated data recovery solutions can help businesses restore IT/business operations to an alternate location, recover all operations using alternate equipment. To do so, our techniques include virtualization, clustering, backup retention, hot fail-over sites, and backing up data for specified and pre-determined time period.

Typical aftermaths of a disaster that include:

  • Consistent financial problems,
  • Heavy monetary loss.‌
  • Loss of confidential data and information,
  • Loss of production and operational data,
  • Loss of reputation and goodwill in the market,
  • Poor and compromised future strategies,

90% of businesses have to shut their business operations with 2 years of the disaster. That is why the companies that have no crisis management and business continuity plans have to leave the competition within 2 years of disasters. Interestingly, Smart Layer understands the utility and value of business data for businesses of all sizes and types and offers its DRS that include

Disaster Recovery Services (DRS)?

There are myths that disaster recovery is only for big business enterprises. It is a misconception; DR is equally useful for both small as well as mid-sized companies. It is said that 2 out of 5 companies face disaster at a regular basis. Apart from catastrophic and natural disaster events, there are a growing numbers of viruses, security breaches, software issues, data corruption and hardware failures that contribute in making things tough for the businesses that can’t move a step ahead in the absence of crucial business information.