Offsite Backup

Storing your data, where it is certainly SAFE

One essential part of your business continuity or disaster recovery stage is the ability to backup and keep all your important information on a secure offsite backup location. This enables you to recover the information from any device that’s connected to the Internet in the event your business has a catastrophic failure, interruption, physical damage to your business premises.

Our Offsite backup storage service will encrypt the information before it leaves your business. It will then back it all up automatically to our protected datacenters. This provides important redundancy and security to ensures your business continues to operate. When it’s necessary, files can be restored remotely through the Internet at any location you specify.

We prepare ahead of time and create backups of your vital information. The back-up of data and your systems is automated, so the backup is always up-to-date. Encryption protects your own customer’s important information and data. Your computer systems and email are fully protected and easily recovered.

Offsite Backup Features:

  • Fully automatic offsite data backup
  • Manage уоur оwn data retention policies
  • No hardware or software tо purchase
  • Extremely еаѕу tо setup & use
  • Low coѕt