Cloud Backup

On Canadian Servers, End-to-End Encryption

A disaster can strike when you least expect. If an unexpected disaster destroys your building, your company’s data is still safe and secure and easily available from the Cloud. Our high availability and redundant data backup will safe-guard your data.

What Are Cloud Backup Services?

Your data is stored on a virtual server and not on your employee’s actual devices. So, if their device is lost or destroyed, only the device is lost, not your data.

Your client files, company data and employee information, is not stored on a device, and remains safe, secure, and easily available in the Cloud.

If an employee leaves the company, their access to data can be restricted immediately, even if they still have physical access to devices. Often that data is more valuable than the device itself.

Extend the reach of your current IT, with cloud-based computing your software and your data is available at any location on any device. All you need is an internet connection!

Cloud Backup Features

  • Canadian Data Centers
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Bare Metal Recovery (BMR)
  • Data encryption in-transit and at rest – AES-256-bit
  • Cross-platform support for Mac, Linux and Windows