Email Security & Web Browsing Security

Deflecting Spam, Viruses, and Malware

Email is one major vulnerability, since many viruses and malware are sent as legitimate-looking or innocent-looking attachments of an email message. We enhance your email security by:

  • Analyzing vulnerabilities making you less susceptible to viruses and malware
  • Implementing enterprise grade spam filters
  • Maintaining privacy with proper email security settings
  • Proper archiving for easy recovery of email as required
  • “absolute safety and security” is a moving target as new technologies are added to your systems, and as software updates are installed, requiring contant vigilance

Defending against Malware & Viruses

Advanced ransomware protection, encryption technology to protect your data

While “big business” (those with over 100 employees) are the main targets of cyber crime, small & medium businesses are into immune from attacks and intrusions by cyber criminals. That’s because everyone has some online connections for their business, their network, and their websites, and cybercriminals are looking for any weakness or vulnerability. And if you are too tiny or inconsequential for a malicious data theft, they may use your servers to practice their techniques, test out new malware, and hone their craft, to better hack a business with more valuable data at-risk and security to match. These days, NOBODY is safe.


However, small & medium businesses (say, from 5 to 100 employees) struggle to improve their IT security and cyber security so that it can measure up to and adequately face the cyber threats of today. Without a full-time cost, and without expensive annual conferences, certifications, and upgrades.



Antivirus software should perform a scan on all the computers in your network on a daily basis. Good antivirus software is also capable of preventing your employees from accessing unsafe websites. Any websites with detected malware will be blocked automatically.

Spam Filtering

Cloud-based spam filtering services, include features such as email encryption, email continuity, email spam filtering, and signature management, and other email security services. Local mail servers on your network can also be configured with those capabilities.

DNS-Level Security

Clients with DNS-level protection against all types of cyber threats, help prevent malware, botnets, spyware, phishing, and the crypto virus. If you need fast access to a destination through multiple top-level DNS servers, this IT security service can meet your needs.

Managed WiFi Services

If not managed correctly and securely, your WiFi network can pose a huge threat to the security of your organization. In fact, unsecured WiFi is one of the main causes of incidents relating to cyber security and IT security. Someone hacking from the street, parking lot, building lobby, or a passing elevator in a downtown high-rise.