Neal & Solo Compute have provided quality professional IT services for our association since before my tenure as a Director

Gerry Quackenbush Testimonial Photo

I have been in the tech business since the early 1980s and SoloCompute has been managing my internet company’s technology since 2001. I have experienced boot hard drive failures (requiring data rescue & recovery), and had network access issues during the Calgary Flood of 2013 (they set up a temporary server, restored from backups, added full-bandwidth internet connectivity, so everybody had full access). Neal Jones and SoloCompute have done prompt & professional work above & beyond my expectations. Highly recommended.

Mark Ruthenberg Testimonial Photo

Neal and his team have been our sole IT provider since ’97. He has consistently provided sound advice and reliable support throughout our continual growth. When asked to provide the top three of seven attributes I had a very difficult time choosing as he meets all seven. I do not take making recommendations lightly as I feel my credibility is on the line as well, however with Solo Compute I have no hesitation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Gary Agnew Testimonial Photo

Neil is ethical and conscientious in his IT endeavours. I would gladly recommend him for your IT needs

Marlene Toneguzzi Testimonial Photo

We have been a client of Neal’s for almost 20 years. He is/has been attentive to all of our IT needs, helping make us successful. He has also written two proprietary database programs for us; which, he is able to tweak to meet our changing needs.

I would highly recommend Neal (Solo Compute).

Debra J. Johnstone Testimonial Photo

Neal has been with Genesis for over 10 years providing monthly IT support. He keeps us up to date, always at a reasonable price, and looks after all the needs of our system with minimal interference with our workday. Neal is always there when you need him, and quickly. The most important service he provides, I think, is that we trust him. It is wonderful to be so confident in a service provider that you never have to second guess his work. I would highly recommend him. If someone has further questions, please contact me directly.

Trish Hines Testimonial Photo

I had the pleasure of working with Neal and Solo Compute for over a decade. Neal successfully managed every aspect of my former company’s IT. Everything from hardware acquisition (servers, desktops, handhelds, portables, etc.) to network setup and maintenance. We kept a Microsoft Exchange Server as well as a third party database on premise and everything was always up to date and backed up both locally and offsite. We enjoyed preventative maintenance by weekly visits to make sure everything was in proper order. Additionally, individual users were able to enjoy technical support when required via desktop sharing and this allowed for expedited resolutions of problems that normally would have required a site visit. One aspect of the service that was extremely enjoyable was not feeling like we were paying for someone to learn. As able as Neal and his team are, occasional issues that had never been encountered before would happen. In those instances, we were always treated fairly and never over charged as the problem was being researched and ultimately resolved. I would recommend Neal and his team at Solo Compute without hesitation.